What We Offer

Bayport Tanzania provides credit to Government employees and employee’s of Private companies that are approved by Bayport via payroll deduction methodologies.

Loan amount determined by individual affordability.

The affordability calculation is performed by Bayport’s IT system, and there is no room for human discretion. It calculates the maximum monthly instalment allowed and the maximum loan amount which can be offered to the client. These systems ensure that a client always has a substantial level of take-home pay after all deductions at month-end, which prevents the client from falling into a debt trap.

Fast disbursements
Bayport has cut the red tape and bureaucracy so as to allow you the client to have the money available within 48 hours of approval of your employer.

Loan term from 3 to 96 months

Bayport offers its customer a loan repayment that best suits their financial needs, we offer the following products:

Short-term loans: (3,6,9 and 12 Month repayment period).

Medium- term loans (12,18,24,30,26,42 and48  month repayment period).

Long- term loans (54,60,66,72,75,78,81,84,87,90,93 and 96 ,month repayment period.